Sunday, January 22, 2006

a passionate country, Korea

In Japan, we have the test called "center" as an integrate exam for the students who wants to go to university. And so as in Korea, they have the same kind of test system. The test is practiced at the same day for all students and they can not be late. I read some interesting article about this today.
Last year the day the test was done, one student got into some accident and was unlikely to arrive in time. But some police officer who felt pity on her drove her to where the exam was practiced sounding a siren. In Japan, many arguments were flying about this incidents, some agreed to the police officer and others not. But according the article I read, In Korea, at the exam day all people give priority to examinees. In front of station, there will be lots of police cars or ambulances waiting for examinees in the case they are late. Office workers tend to delay the train so that examnees don't get into rush hour. What's more a military helicopter is prepared for students living in some island.
In Korea, one's school background is put in the first place more than in Japan and whether or not to get a good job is indeed dependent on what school they graduate. So it may be natural for them to get that helpful for examnees. But I wonder whether the same thing happens if Japan is in the same situation. Seeing the fact that there were some people who argued last year, maybe not.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ms.Zhang and Mr.Sun

Today, I had the last Chinese class. Through the two-years' of Chinese class, I have been tought by two teachers. They are so energetic, funny and sometimes cute. Though I have met many people from Western countries, they were the first Chinese for me to know personally.
Through these two years I could get to know them well and got be attracted by their personalities and later their country, too. But at the same time, I felt the prejudice so terrible. I wouldn't be interested in China at all if I didn't get to know them, for my first impression to China is not so good somehow.
Diversity is always next to predudice, but like me, once it is cleared up we could be able to enjoy the situation.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Recently, the word "Akiba-kei" is often heard throTVgh Television. We even had the TV program called "電車男" last season. They are generally stated as nerd and often wear glasses or some dull clothes and like to be in Akihabara. Also, "Onei-kei", or "Gal-kei" is often heard. "kei" means "kind" and I think we categorise people as how they look or what kind of clothes they wear, in short their appearance. "Onei-kei" people wear fine clothes and look very adult. On the other hand "Gal-kei" people wear like miniskirt, or something eccentric.
It is not smart jugeing people by their appearance but we sometimes do judge people in such way, don't we? That is why "prejudice" is made and it can be said not only to people from different race but to Japanese.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Japan ♡ Korea

The new TV program came up last Sunday. It's a drama called "Rondo" and has the taste of love and suspense. What's interesting about Rondo is that it is a collaboration of both Japan and Korea. They have done that several times as special TV program broadcasted only once but not as TV series like this time. So through the whole story, besides Japanese actors some famous Korean stars are also featured in.
Between those two countires, there have been a lots of conflicts going on for a long time. For exapmple, Korea annexation to Japan, the issue of Korean living in Japan, and Mr. Koizumi worship for Yasukuni is being on the topic at the latest. On the other hand, Japan and Korea has hosted 2002 World Cup together and deepen the relationship. What's more, since Korean stars got popular in Japan, the number of tourists to both countires has also increased and our cultural exchange got much closer. I wonder how far these cultural exchange could ease the political friction that exist between the two countries. Or is that a different story?? I hope not. Because if so, not only politicians but each of us could work together to solve the problem.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Nonverbal Communication

During this winter break, I had a chance to play music with some chellist. She is from Denver, Colorado from the United States and just started to live here 4 monthes ago. We met at some new year's party and she asked me to play the piano with her. I was so nervous because that was the first time for me to play with someone who doesn't speak Japanese at all and what's more, there were so many people at the party.
Anyway, we started to arrange about three or four musics and got ready to play together. Though we didn't really talk about the melody itself, once we start playing, I feel like knowing her for a long time. Through her breathe I could completely feel where to heat up in the music or how we are going to express the melody. What I want to say here is that music is something that reacognizes no frontiers, no diversity and no different languages.
I'd say our little concert was very successful and people liked it a lot, too...I hope.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Coming of Age Day

It was Coming of Age Day today. Almost every 20th-girls wore Furisode and some same age boys wore Hakama and celebrated being adult. What does being adult actually mean? It might be to be able to drink alcohole legally or to have right to vote. I really don't know even though I already have come of the age.
Thinking about the U.S, I wonder what's the difference between 20 and 21 or 22 set as not underage people, for they have different setting age according to states' law. I think that there are few come of age-people who know or think about real meaning of it. Including me, we usueally just dress in one's best, hung out with lots of friends, and have a party celebrating it as drinking age. I guess this is not only Japan but common to many countries.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I saw the movie "SAYURI" today. The story is about Geisha and their life. The famous Chinese actress, Zhan Ziyi was playing the leading character as Japanese Geisha. It was kind of weird for me to see that a Chinese is acting a Japanese in English...three cultures are going on at the same time!
For many Japanese, there would be lots of parts that they couldn't agree. For example, how they wore kimono in the film, it was obviously too loose!! But I guess that's how Hollywood is. What's more, it can be said that the parts we couldn't agree are the how Americans see Japan.
Although there were lots of scenes that made me feel like arguing, it was really interesting to know how we are seen or thought from other country. However, there were still some Japanese words that cannnot be transulated into English in the film. I guess this is one of the things that makes diversity a difficult issue.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Recently, I think that Sumo has been getting back its popularity because of foreign players. For example, Asashouryu who is from Mongolia has won the greatest record for winning and still holds it. Kotooushu who is from Bulgaria has also played well at the last tournament and is ranked next to Asashoryu.
They are even becoming a household name. This morning I saw some TV commercials in which these two players are performing twice in 15minutes and what's more, Kotooushu is on some TV show tonight.
It is kind of sad that Japanese players have not been able to win in national sport. As Foreign players have bigger frame, it will get more and more difficult for Japanese wrestlers to win the competition. But I think this sort of diversity is really effective for Sumo association. They should take advantage of those foreign players and cheer up the Sumo world.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The train car only for women

Recently, the train car only for women, which is due to preventing molesters, has been popularized. I'm the one who often makes use of it because it's less crowded. However, thinking about men, I feel kind of sorry for them. If they get the car accidentally, they would be expelled from there and get a cold look by lots of ladies even though they didn't do nothing suspicious.
Today a man who lools like an American got into our car. I think he didn't undersatand Japanese well because he wouldn't move to the next car even though the announcement is made. Because there were nobeody couragious enough to tell him that he was in the wrong car, he kept being in the car gotten into the cold looks. Other than that, I could't believe that we didn't have the announcement in English version. As the world including Japan has been rapidly globalized, I think that we always have to have the society in which people from many countries can live easily.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Today I watched a film "Balablok" in Mr.Ree's class. It's an Canadian animation about social and cultural diversity. In the film, different ethnic groups are represented by different color, shape like circles and squares etc. Although it was an animation, the scene they are fighting each other seemed so cruel and brutal. First, they were fighting against different shape, they would give off something like bomb eachother and then knock down to death. The same thing or more brutal things are going on in the real war done by human beings.